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The Book of Life (PG)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Spitwads and hidden doorways... What do these have in common? Come in and see. What you'll find is The Book of Life. The Book of Life contains all the stories that hold the secrets and legends of the history of Mexico. According to the book, Mexico is the center of the universe, following with this the story stays true to form. We are introduced to 3 young children, 2 young men and a young lady. Both young men are determined to win her heart. Before they get the chance her father sends her away for a proper education. When she returns, they're all grown. She is now a proper lady and her suitors are a hero and a matador (bull fighter). Whichever one is chosen will effect ᅠmuch more than their individual lives. The land of the remembered and the land of the forgotten are also in peril because of a wager. When one of the ones involved in the wager breaks the rules, it throws everyone into chaos. The quest for true love is the only hope to set things right once again. It's never that simple though. This journey will affect all involved... Just how is yet to be seen. This traditional heritage type story takes some liberties with the actual history. Even with this, it ends up being a cute story. The characters seem to be crudely carved out of wood. The tone of the story is a little dark at times and may not be for all ages.

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