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The Boy (PG-13)



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out of 10

The Review

Creepy dolls are nothing new to Hollywood horror. There's Chucky, Annabelle, among others that definitely put a certain idea in your head. Well now you can add Brahms to that list. Greta is looking for a fresh start, she's leaving her old life behind and trying to start new. In doing so she accepts a job as a nanny for a young boy named Brahms. Upon arrival, she realizes that the boy was not what she had expected. As the days pass, she gets caught up in the reality in which she lives. The question then becomes... Where is the madness stemming from? Her own imagination or the environment that she is in... The truth slowly reveals itself and when it does, it's darker than you can even imagine. This is a deeply psychological thriller that is far from original. In saying that, there are some elements here that add a little something to the creepy doll scenario. Does it have enough to stand on its own? That's up for debate. The conclusion to this story leaves room for more, but will there be more... We can only wait and see. Ultimately, this is a tired idea with a slightly different perspective. Is it for you? That's for you to decide.

Prayerᅠin movie:

Gentle Jesus meek and mild,
Look upon a little child,
Pity my simplicity,
Suffer me to come to thee

Rhymes in trailers:

Beware the tale of Brahms the boy, follow his rules and bring him joy, he's killed before and he'll kill again, so do what he says or end up dead,

Beware the tale of Brahms the boy, follow his rules and bring him joy, for when he died he didn't leave, his soul lives on you must believe, he's killed before and he'll kill again, so follow his rules or end up dead

Rules in movie:

  • No guests
  • Never leave Brahms alone
  • Save meals in freezer
  • Never cover Brahms face
  • Read a bedtime story
  • Play music loud
  • Clean the traps
  • Only Malcolm brings deliveries
  • Brahms is never to leave
  • Kiss goodnight

Rules in trailer(s):

  • No boyfriends
  • Dress him each morning
  • Kiss him goodnight
  • Never leave him alone
  • Never go in the attic
  • Help with studies

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