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The Captive (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

What if something happened to someone you love? What if they disappeared? How far would you go to find them? That's something that we're about to see. We are given a rare glimpse into the search from both the law enforcement, the victim and the family affected by a situation like this. A moment, that's all it takes for lives to be changed forever. That same moment can last an eternity when you play it over and over in your mind. A situation that has such a profound effect on you that you relive it, thinking what if... The anger, the angst and the pain... all experienced by those in this situation on both sides. Realizing the horrors that are involved only aid in making a bad situation worse. There may be a bright side in all of it, but is it worth the cost? This is a dark tale that leads us down the rabbit hole. This rabbit hole isn't to a fantasy world, it's a hole filled with the stuff of nightmares. In this case, justice will be served but it won't end the nightmare. There may be no end, but there is hope, in those that refuse to give up, those that go where no one else dares to, those that are willing to face these horrors face to face. Happy endings don't always exist, but answers do.

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