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The Drop (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

This tale of family and where certain loyalties lie will leave you confused and emotionally exhausted. We have Marv, the owner of a local "drop" bar but it's never as simple as that. He is no longer in charge of operations. His cousin Bob is the one in charge now. Dealing with everyday, day to day business along with the business dealings that only take place behind closed doors. When a robbery goes bad, it seems cut and dry but there's way more to it. We see good guys that are bad guys and bad guys that are good guys. It's impossible to know who is who and who is nothing but talk. Add into the mix a dog that has the same stereotypes of good/bad and the entire film feels like it's lost in translation. As James Gandolfini's last role, his role in this is somewhat ironic. Both his character and Bob were played well but the story itself lacked in... well... everything... The premise was credible, the movie is forgettable.

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