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The Equalizer II (R) (5.75)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

He's back, his job is far from over and he is here to level the playing field. How can he though, considering he's a dead man? Well, that's the easy part, he has friends in high/low places that help him to achieve his goal whilst staying hidden. That's how they know how to hurt him, find the one(s) that he's the closest to and hurt them to hurt him. They took it one step too far this time and he must seek justice, even if that means that he must make himself known to do so. Just when he thinks he has it figured out, another person has become part of the mix. Now he is fighting not only for himself but for tomorrow. A tomorrow for him and this other individual. With the stakes being higher than ever before, he must do things that he never even imagined. All in the effort to keep justice blind. In order to do so, sometimes she needs a helping hand. Understanding where he came from and where he is now is crucial to understanding the plot here. Is this the end? Or with the new information and new individuals, is this just the beginning? Hang on to find out...

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