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The Giver (PG-13)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Memories, they are everything that we base our lives upon. What we're taught, our experiences... Everything good and bad... What if those memories were taken from us? This is a story about civilization that can show us just that. People here get daily injections which take away anything that makes them individuals. Here they strive to all be the same. No emotion, no memories, no love, no imagination, no life... At least not as we know it. There are strict rules that everyone follows. The rules include no lies, strict curfew, uses of language and ultimate control by a panel of elders. Out of every generation, once the children reach the age of maturity they are assigned to the area where they will be best suited (they've been under observation their whole lives). One of these is chosen to be the keeper of memories. This is a very strict job that isolates the keeper from the others. The keeper is taught from the giver, passing the torch in a way. As the keeper learns about emotions, experiences, everything... Good and bad... It tests everything he is, maybe it's to much. He has to make a decision. As the keeper, this decision has an effect on everyone, not just him. Will it be what is best for him or what is best for everyone? What if it is both? This film is a different look at a story very similar to the movie Divergent. A bit of a twist on some of the details but the rest doesnメt have much for originality. If this had come out first, I'd be saying the same about Divergent. It is well told and well portrayed. Some ideas that aren't answered leave room for a sequel. Here's hoping it doesn't follow Insurgent.

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