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The Good Dinosaur (PG)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Imagine if you will... a world where the dinosaur's of yesteryear never went extinct. That's the premise of this story. At the moment in time when humans were new to the planet, dinosaurs had been here for millions of years. They survived and thrived in their surroundings. Working together was key, each had their duties to uphold to ensure their survival. When Arlo (the youngest) finds it difficult to do what he needs to because of his fears, his father tries to help him overcome them. Unfortunately, before Arlo can learn all that is being taught to him, a tragedy envelops him and his life is changed forever. He'll awaken to find himself a long ways from home, scared and confused. An unlikely friend will be just what he needs to find his way back home. The line between friend and foe is blurred in this touching tale. It's more of a mix of "The Land Before Time" and "We're Back A Dinosaur Story" than an original idea in and of itself. Though the idea itself is cute, it's been done before. The only difference is this is for a new generation. There are some moments of confusion and some graphic errors but not enough to distract you from the story. Is it cute, absolutely... Small children will love it, teens may get bored and parents will reminisce to movies of their childhood. This will certainly instill memories, those of yesteryear and new ones for tomorrow.

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