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The Intruder (PG-13) (3.5)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

A young couple is looking to get out of the city to start a family. They quickly find a home that is perfect. The house belongs to a man who has lost his family and now is looking to downsize. Everything seems to be fine until the new couple moves in. Strange things start happening. As they begin to look at what is happening, the truth that they uncover will end up being more disturbing than they thought. An intruder is determined to be a part of their lives, he sees himself taking over. Try as they may, there's no escaping him. When, at the end of their ropes, they decide to take a drastic step. In this decision, they discover the dark secret as to how and why he was so determined to be a part of their lives. This discovery will change everything for them and their future. What will they decide to do? What can they do? The portrayal here is borderline brilliant with weak execution. Even with that, it will surely have cheers and jeers. How you might see it is entirely interpretive. Do you dare? That's up to you.

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