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The Lazarus Effect (PG-13)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Science... Do we really understand it? It is constantly changing and evolving. The breakthroughs today were pushing the boundary a few years ago. What will be the breakthroughs tomorrow? This team of scientists is trying to find out. They've developed a serum that on paper has the ability to reanimate those that have recently passed without neurological damage. What it looks like on paper and what it is are sometimes very different. When they finally achieve success, some of them begin to notice something. Something isn't quite right... When an accident occurs once of the team is determined to reverse it. When he does, he succeeds... What did he bring back? Is it her or is it something else? When he crosses this line, there's no going back. Strange things begin to happen. Nightmares become reality and the reality becomes a nightmare. What happens now? This story is absolutely everything I wanted "Lucy" to be. The way it's told, what is told and how it's done. If there's not a sequel, I'll be sadly disappointed. There are dull moments and some ridiculous errors but overall a strong idea that was executed well. It is rated PG-13 but it should be rated R, due to violence and bits of gore.

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