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The Mule (R) (7.0)



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out of 10

The Review

Daylilies and drugs, that's what this story centers around. Here's a 90 year old man who has spent his entire adult life more attentive to his cultivation of daylilies than to his own family. After decades of disappointment, his family has learned to move on without him. When he finds himself in a difficult position where he might lose everything he cares about (he's already lost his family), he meets someone who might be able to help. You see, in his 90 years, he has never even gotten so much as a parking ticket and he is extremely careful in all of his day-to-day actions. This new individual sees a way to capitalize on that. Just drive, that's all he has to do. Drop off a package and then get paid. Don't ask questions, don't look in the package, and just drive... This new revenue source gives him the ability to regain some of what he is lost but is it ever possible that he could get his family back too. There is a lot of pain for a lot of people, that's not so easy to move forward from. This isn't just a story about a horticulturist or a drug mule. It's a story about a man, weak and broken that has devoted his life to what he is passionate about. How that comes full circle might leave you in awe. The story itself is more geared at a mature audience. Though not for everyone, there's a powerful message here. It's a bit slow for some but it flows well, if you're looking for something different, you might be surprised.

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