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The New Mutants (PG-13) (5.5)



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out of 10

The Review

Mutants, they've been around since the beginning... Yet, many are unsure as to what to do with their powers or what their powers even are. There is a hospital that is designed to help the youngest of the new mutants learn what their powers are and how to control them. After a horrific tragedy leaves a sole survivor, she will awaken to find herself in this hospital. She doesn't think she's a mutant but the others see something in her. As things begin to change in the hospital, it's clear that her powers are more than any of them realized. It quickly becomes evident what the true nature of this hospital is and if any of them want to survive, they'll have to work together.

This isn't a typical Marvel movie. It's more of an adventure/horror flick. There's not even any bonus scenes at the beginning or at the end. Much of the content isn't appropriate for younger audiences and/or certain other groups. This is the first Marvel movie to have characters that are openly part of the LGBT community. With that and some of the other content, it might appeal to a wide audience but it'll also repel a wide audience as well. Come cautioned as to what to expect and be prepared that this isn't what you might expect.

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