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The Phoenix Project



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

The science we know today was once science fiction. So the experiments that this group of young men are about to perform are either genius or madness. Part of their study is to document everything, by notes and by a video log. Their ultimate goal us to reanimate the dead. When subject after subject fails, so does their hopes. When the truth comes out about one of them, it jeopardizes the entire project. Even with this, they push forward and finally see some results. The results aren't enough for some of them and more than enough for others. Has this pushed the envelope far enough or are they on the brink of changing history? Only the ultimate test can show them. It's just too much for them to grasp until one of them does the unthinkable. This single action pushes them to try one more time. They get results but they aren't the results they expected. The consequences are much more costly than they could have imagined. Was it worth it? Only time will tell. Science is on the brink of new discoveries every day. When is pushing farther going too far. The ideas aren't unique, the plot in dull and slow. I'm not sure to apply more blame... The writer, director or the casting director... Each have an equal part in the production of this science fiction dribble. If you want to see this, wait til it's on disc and make sure to have a cup of coffee... You'll need it to stay awake...

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