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The Possession of Michael King (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

A quest for answers in a world where the answers aren't as simple as they seem. Michael King is at a loss. He has lost something and doesn't know where to begin. He doesn't believe in anything, except that which he can see. On this quest for answers, he ends up with something he can't explain. He has ordered kits and instructions, he has gone to people for help, and time after time he finds nothing. That is until he turns to one person, through a bizarre ritual he finally achieves what he wanted. It's not as simple as that though. His intention was to keep control and this has taken all control from him. Over the days and weeks to follow, the price that he must pay for the answers he found are to much to bear. Ultimately he makes a decision to stop the madness, but will it free him or go beyond... This thriller is done in a self-done documentary style. Taking you right into the heart of everything and leaving you on the edge of your seat. For what it is, it's well done and it feels a little too true... I'm guessing that was the intention. Some of the CGI lacked something, though I'm at a loss to say exactly... It just needed more... something. This tale will either leave you laughing or scare you senseless... Either way... Come prepared...

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