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The Railway Man (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

When a railroad enthusiast becomes a POW, a powerful story is born. Lomax is a railroad enthusiast who has extensive knowledge of trains and their history. We are quick to learn that this is not only his passion but his hiding place. It's where he retreats to when the stresses of what he's gone through as a POW are too much to deal with. This powerful story takes us inside that dark place, as we remember with him. Through this journey Lomax learns to love, Nicole Kidman provides a stunning performance as Patti Lomax. As we get pulled deeper and deeper into the story, we see the memoriesᅠof what his U.S. Army unit went through in WWII. The stresses, the ingenuity, the heartache and the hope all show themselves. As we are brought back to current day, we again see Lomax, so deep in depression and isolation that he is losing himself. It's only when a long time friend gives him the opportunity for revenge that we see the spark re-ignite. As Lomax begins the journey towards revenge, our eyes are opened to see compassion, forgiveness and even a surprising ending to the longtime enemies. This was very well told and it brings you right into the story with the characters. It is based upon a true story by Eric Lomax.

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