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The Reconstruction of William Zero



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

You know who you are until you don't. Now I don't mean to seem confusing but that's the premise behind this story. A DNA geneticist tries to help his twin brother remember who he is after waking up from a coma. As his twin begins to remember, things get complicated. The plotline becomes very predictable after only twenty minutes of watching but bear with it. The story gets immensely confusing as a twist reveals itself. Most stories build as the twist is revealed, this one just becomes a jumbled mess, where the characters are indistinguishable from each other. As it's told, another part of the story begins to reveal itself, it will be key to the ending but it doesn't seem to fit into the idea as a whole. I can see what they were attempting to do with this but it ends up as a confusing mess that tries its best to explain itself but just can't. Fans of unusual thrillers that don't have anything to do may be intrigued by this idea. It's unfortunately sad that it didn't reach what it was aiming for... or if it did... wow (sarcastically)...

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