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The Shallows (PG-13)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

A journey of self discovery quickly becomes something more. As Nancy chases something that connects her to someone she lost, she'll find much more than she planned on. An avid surfer, she uses this trip to discover things about her past and her future. What she hadn't anticipated were the dangers that she would encounter. Upon entering the water, she begins to realize that she may be in for more than she bargained for. There are language barriers and natural barriers that all seem to get in her way. After surfing with some locals for a bit, she decides to catch one more wave before the day is done. Little does she know the peril that decision will put her in. As she paddles out for that last wave, she comes across something. Soon she'll find herself in a situation is absolute life or death. This situation will make her contemplate many things in her life. Her peril will test her resolve on every level, but how will it end... This story although definitely thrilling at times is just another lackluster shark attack story. This takes bits and pieces from other shark movies and adds a bit more tension. Does this deliver on what it leads into, that's for you to decide. Just be prepared that this might not be what you expected.

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