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The Skulls III (PG-13)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Gender equality, something that affects every aspect of society in today's world. Well, it's about to have an effect on "The Skulls" as well. A legacy feels bound to follow in her father's footsteps after a family tragedy. As she fights to play with the boys, she has to fight harder than any of the others to prove her place. She manages to prove herself worthy of membership but that will not earn her the respect of the brotherhood. There are those that refuse to accept having a female member and they'll go to any lengths to break her. When something unexpected comes about, there are many questions that need answers. She'll sit in an interrogation room and tell a story she swore never to tell, the thing is... it's never that simple. There's more to the solution to this problem than answering a few questions. The deeper they dig, the deeper they dig themselves into a hole. It just may be deep enough to bury them all. This third installment in the series has hit a brick wall. Once again there is a different cast (new characters are one thing, but returning characters should remain the same), but that could be overcome if the performance had exceeded the previous performances. There is one shining star amongst the darkness and you'll quickly see who it is. Unfortunately, the rest of the cast and the plotline are dull and confusing. If you've seen the other two, this will add to the story but is it worth two hours of your life... If you have nothing better to do... maybe.

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