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The Skulls (PG-13)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Secret societies, they've existed for thousands of years and are rumored to have controlled many of the world powers. How do they select who becomes a part of the societies? That depends on many different factors. One young man is about to learn what one of these organizations is all about. He is notified of his choosing, and of all the rules that go along with it. As a form of hazing, this secret society has an initiation period, where tasks must be performed successfully along with personal hurdles as well. What will happen if the secrets become too much to bear? A close friend is about to learn how far the society will go to keep their secrets. This sounds like it could be a gripping tale of the right of passage but as hard as it tries, it just doesn't quite get there. The idea seems interesting... The characters are weak and forgettable as is the story itself. If you are intrigued by the conspiracy theory that these organizations run the world, you may find this interesting. Anyone else may find this hard to sit through.

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