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The Titan (TV-MA) (5.5)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

What if 20 years from now the Earth will become nearly inhabitable due to all natural resources drained and over population? In the movie we’re being told that within 15 years the human race will die out. What does the human race do to survive? We evolve? Dr. Elliot has looked to the stars and found Titan, Saturn’s largest moon as a place we could possibly call home. However humans in our current form would not survive it’s atmosphere and harsh conditions unless we can adapt, no, evolve to survive it. Yes we’ve heard something like this before but this has a bit of a different approach. Instead of forming a planet to make it habitable, we as humans are the ones that adapt to another environment instead. Our story follows a group of soldiers undergoing a form of “forced evolution” to have any hope survival. One soldier stands out among the rest and starts to evolve. Nothing like tons of rounds of genetic altering to fix that. The setup is rather good, the acting is on par, the story is a pretty cool to see unfold as we watch this evolution progress and at times fall apart through the movie. Rick’s wife, the soldier we see evolve, stands out more than most of the other characters. It’s relying on her to push us into the next act and further the story. It does, as a whole, do a good job of leading us to where it’s going. It changes course a bit right when you may think you know where it’s going but it’s more of a subtle twist. Sci-Fi lovers should at least enjoy watching it. It’s a unique enough story that has just the right amount of length to the movie to not bore you.

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