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The Transporter 2 (PG-13)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

The driver is back but not in the way we remember. His current "deal" is a bit different than the norm. This deal comes as a result of a favor to a friend. So, for now, he's playing the chauffeur for an influential family in the Miami area. What seems like a posh job turns out to be considerably more difficult when his passenger becomes a target. Who is first on the suspect list? You guessed it... Now he must not only clear his name but he must help facilitate the rescue of the boy. Seems like a story in and of itself... right? Wrong! There's more, you see the kidnappers have a much bigger target in mind than the young boy. The story has merit, it is told well up to a point... The problem is the last third of the movie seems like they ran out of ideas so they stretched what should have been five minutes of action into a large portion of the movie. There are multiple flaws throughout the telling, and the acting (outside of Jason Statham) was sub-par at best. Adding to the fact that there was little to do with the whole transporter idea (and the rules that accompany it), really leave you wanting more (or less as this case may be).

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