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The Visit (PG-13)



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out of 10

The Review

A daughter has been estranged from her parents for many years. In those years, the daughter became a wife and mother. After all these years, her parents have reached out and would like to see their grandkids. The daughter/mother is reluctant but the children want to go so after some prodding, they are allowed to. The children have their own agenda on this trip, Becca is an aspiring filmmaker and intends on documenting the entire trip and Tyler is an aspiring rapper who wants to express himself inᅠa beat box style. The children take Amtrak to see their grandparents. Upon arrival, they are greeted warmly by their Nana and Pop Pop. Everything seems to go as expected until it's time for bed. The first night, Becca and Tyler (T-Dub) begin to see and hear things. As they begin to explore, what they see frightens them. They question Nana and Pop Pop about what they saw and are given basic platitudes and simple explanations for what seems like a much more complex problem. The situations only get worse over the upcoming days. When things reach a breaking point, an M. Night Shyamalan twist will leave you reeling. This is definitely a thriller but even at that, it disappoints. The story builds very slowly and the climax just isn't enough to justify the rest. Be prepared though, there is an absolutely sickening moment that might push you beyond your limits. M. Night Shyamalan's movies are either Boom or Bust. This was definitely a bust...

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