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The War With Grandpa (PG) (5.0)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

When Peter declares war on his grandpa, all bets are off.

After Ed had an incident at a local grocery store, his daughter decided that it'd be best for him to move in with them. The problem, the best room for grandpa is currently Peter's room.

Given that Peter wasn't thrilled with this arrangement, he was determined to make grandpa miserable... Thus declaring war. At first, it seemed mild but when things stepped up another notch, they had to mutually agree on the rules of engagement (see below).

They each got each other with pranks and well-timed shenanigans. They also made some amazing memories along the way. What would win out, the animosity and rivalry or what matters most... family?

This is that journey, an important message is buried in the shenanigans. Finding it is a little bit harder to do. Especially as the other family members become collateral damage in the process.

Even as the whole story comes full circle, it seems to be resolved but with questions still left unanswered, it begs the question if there will be a continuation.

As heartwarming and silly as it comes across, the bonus song at the end takes away from the message by adding in an unnecessary agenda piece that doesn't fit with the rest of the story.

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Declaration of war:
When in the course of human events one person steals another person's bedroom,  there is no other choice but war,  You have 24 hours to give me back what is mine or face the consequences.
Secret warrior

Note on RC Car:
People who steal other people's rooms should not sleep well.

Rule #1 No collateral damage to civilians or their property
Rule #2 No telling

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