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Toy Story 4 (G) (5.25)



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out of 10

The Review

The toys are back. Last time we saw them, Andy was lovingly giving all of his beloved toys to Bonnie. This story picks up right where Toy Story 3 left off. Bonnie is getting ready for her first day of Kindergarten. As nervous as she is, she wants to take a toy with her. As her parents try to explain to her that she cannot take them with her, she struggles to understand. Woody, worried about Bonnie's first day decides to sneak into her backpack. As a spectator of her day, she doesn't even know that he is there even though he provides a helping hand. Soon, Bonnie finds herself needing a friend. So without her toys from home, she decides to make one instead. Woody's next job then becomes convincing her new toy that he has a home. Upon arriving home, Bonnie's parents surprise her with a vacation surprise. As they hit the road, the struggles with the new toy continue. Woody once again comes to the rescue. Upon arriving at one of their destinations, they all come across an old friend. Only things aren't a simple as they seem. At a local antique store, a broken toy needs Woody's help but not in the way you might imagine. The teamwork of the many toys (new and old) will lead to an unexpected event but some parts of the story may be a bit intense for some. Overall, the story here is aimed more at the kids (adults) who grew up with the Toy Story movies. A touching story that will evoke many emotions for the ones experiencing it that might have been a perfect ending the story or maybe just maybe... it's a new beginning.

Stay into and through the credits for a total of 5 bonus scenes (4 during the credits and 1 after)

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