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Trump Card (PG-13) (8.75)



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out of 10

The Review

Existence is futile, that’s what some people actually believe. That individual existence is no longer necessary and that we should only exist in a single mindset. No, I’m not talking about Star Trek. I’m talking about the loss of our freedoms.

Little by little, our freedoms have been whittled away by those who are intent on the idea of democratic socialism. There are unfortunately many that agree with that mindset, after seeing some other countries around the world thrive under that doctrine. Well, that’s what Dinesh debunks. Every time there’s a crime against our freedoms, we may not be the victims but we are victimized. Any time we willingly give up our freedoms under the guise of the greater good we are contributing to the problem.

That mindset has led to a free for all mentality. FREE being the keyword. It’s not just what you see being reported, it’s beyond that. It actually goes much further than we realize with funds from around the world (foreign and domestic) perpetuating the problem by funding the groups and the media that assist the movements to dismantle our founding values. Abraham Lincoln took a strong stance all those years ago.

We have someone else taking a strong stance again. As we sit on the precipice of another civil war, it’s that leadership that stands on the side of traditional American values that we need. He finds himself at war with America while trying to save America. Does this sound like a nightmare? Are you willing to wake up? Words will get lost without action, action means nothing without conviction. Take these words and take a stand. This is by far the single most powerful documentary you’ll ever experience. Don’t let it pass you by.

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