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Tusk (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Not-See Party, a highly successful albeit raunchy podcast that is skyrocketing 2 friends to stardom. They achieve this rate of growth with raunchy comedy and berating each other and others. One of their recent "victims" turns out to be a bit of a golden goose. This internet sensation was discovered on a laptop that was bought/sold at a garage sale. When the media wanted him, he wanted the Not-See Party. One of the guys travels to see/interview him for the podcast. Upon arrival, everything goes wrong. He's determined to go home with a story... Good fortune falls in his lap with an opportunity he comes across in the men's room. This opportunity turns out to be much more than it seemed. The man offering it has many wonderful stories to share, but there's something more. As the truth begins to present itself, the nightmare begins. A transformation takes place that will forever change the life of this podcaster. When help finally arrives... Is it to late? You'll have to see it to believe it... This highly sexualized horrific comedy will continually gross you out and make you laugh. The special effects and extras leave much to be desired. Basically, the story had a story but much of the comedy comes from language or blatant stupidity. This is not one I would ever care to see again... Though if you have seen "Human Centipede", you might like it (from a fellow movie goer). Painfully stupid, at least it was original.

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