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Underworld: Evolution (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

The line has been drawn and the war is raging stronger than ever before. Selene's new information opened up a whole new chapter in her life. Some of the decisions that she made because of it will reverberate for years to come. Her allies are not who she thought they would be and neither are her enemies. Little would she know that a single action would have so many consequences? Life will never be the same for her, and maybe, just maybe... that's a good thing. Then again, the life she knew is in the past. Now it is time for her to blaze a new trail forward. Does this mean that the war will end between the Vampires and Lycans or is this simply a new beginning? So many uncertainties, so much turmoil. Where will they go from here? This can't possibly be the end... Can it? Let's hope not.

Eight centuries ago,
Unknown to humanity, a blood feud raged
Between a ruling class of vampires
And a rebellious legion of werewolves
Known as Lycans.

Legend tells that the war began
With two brothers
The immortal sons of Alexander Corvinus:

Marcus, bitten by a bat,
Became the blood leader of the vampires.

William, bitten by a wolf,
Became the first and most powerful Lycan.

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