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Upgrade (R) (7.0)



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out of 10

The Review

Man vs. Machine, a debate that has gone on for ages and one that keeps going. Which is better? High tech or no tech. Why does there have to be one or the other? There's so much to this debate that it's never as simple as it seems. That's what we see here with Grey and Asha. Asha is very high tech and Grey is no tech, as opposite as possible, and yet they work together beautifully. That is until a job that Grey does takes him to the edge between the two worlds. Little does he know that this simple interaction will change his future. While on the way home, Asha and Grey find themselves in a dangerous situation that will compromise one of their thoughts on life. Leaving one of them in an extremely difficult scenario. What was once the bane of existence will now become a way of life. Only, there's always a cost to be paid and this may be a time when the cost may be too much. What will happen next? That's something you'll have to experience for yourself. The story itself is a little bit of RoboCop meets John Wick, although you may not immediately recognize anyone on screen, you won't soon forget them. Pay attention to the details, there are some twists and turns that you may not expect. Will there be more to the story, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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