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Wish I Was Here (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

A heartwarming emotional story about family and faith that we all need. What guides us? Our ideas, our dreams, our responsibilities... Maybe it's a combination of all 3. A father guided by his dream, a mother guided by responsibility, kids that love their family, education and God... Sounds like a picture perfect family until you look a little deeper. A father/father-in-law that has a deep role in his family, dealing with a life altering disease. Fighting the odds with a treatment decision that affects the entire family. How they deal with the changes shows the character of each of them. They each lose something along this journey but what they get in return brings them closer. This glimpse into their lives gives us a greater understanding of what is really important. What battles we fight and which ones we walk away from. In the end, we realize all it takes is a little faith, a lot of love and our favorite ice cream. I'd call this a fabulous family movie if it weren't for the excessive use of profanity. The story is solid and draws you in, the characters are relatable. Profanity happens, it's life... It's just that it almost seems like they're trying to use it. It doesn't add to it, it's a distraction. If you can look past that, I highly recommend this film. It is in essence what families strive to be.

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