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Wonder Woman 1984 (PG-13) (5.5)



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out of 10

The Review

Diana spent her youth striving to be the best. That same desire followed her into her adulthood. Through the years, she has faced many challenges, but how she has handled them has defined her.

Her job will bring her into contact with something that will present a challenge that she's never encountered before. In its challenge, the entire world is at risk. This artifact has unlimited possibilities, but it comes with unparalleled costs. Diana will learn this the hard way when her greatest wish is granted... but at what cost? As she faces her personal life head on, she must also face her biggest fears.

Along the way, the person responsible for the artifact ending up in the wrong hands will find a different power. This will bring Diana to a difficult precipice. What each of them does next leaves the fate of every man, woman, and child on earth in jeopardy. Only upon facing what they fear most and addressing it, will they have any hope of a course correction. The only question is... Is it already too late?

This Wonder Woman movie has the charisma and charm of the Wonder Woman epic but falls short of the mark with its evident jabs that are taken at a variety of topics throughout. As good as the idea was, the execution seemed to be more than a bit misguided. Will some love it? Absolutely, but there are far more that will find themselves disappointed in the presentation.

A shining star in the whole presentation is a special bonus scene in the credits, it's more than worth waiting for.

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