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I hope you’re enjoying the straight forward reviews at I sincerely hope that we can live up to your expectations, please feel free to contact us with ideas. I’m willing to consider any idea submitted but it is at our ultimate discretion as to which if any to use.

My promise to you is this:

  • I’ll see as many movies as possible
  • I’ll review them openly and honestly without giving to much away
  • I’ll highlight areas that need highlighted
  • I’ll criticize areas that need criticized

… and I’ll always leave you wanting more

On occasion I will view movies with the assistance of my posse. My posse currently consists of a few key members. Their opinions and reviews may be noted in some reviews and they will be notated as such when they are used. I believe that having the occasional help of my posse as well as feedback from all of you will only help us provide you with the best information available.

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