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Assassination Nation (R)


Salem, just the name conjures up stories of historical events. What is about to happen might not be remembered the Read More

The House With A Clock In Its Walls (PG)


Lewis is a young boy that has lost everything. He must now go to live with an uncle that he Read More

Life Itself (R)


Sometimes life throws into a situation that we don’t understand. It’s these challenges that test our resolve and our passion, Read More

A Simple Favor (R)


Moms can come in every shape and size. They differ greatly depending on their interests, their lifestyles, and their lives Read More

The Dawn Wall (NR)


Man vs. Mountain, against insurmountable odds, this particular man was determined to take on the impossible. Tommy Caldwell understood the Read More

White Boy Rick (R)


Dysfunctional, that word, in a nutshell, describes many families… Past, present, and future. This particular family is a single dad Read More

The Predator (R)


In order to defeat an enemy, you must first understand it. Predator(s) have been here before, and though it may Read More

Unbroken Path to Redemption (PG-13)


Unbroken showed us the best of what a man could be in the face of unimaginable adversity. What it didn’t Read More

The NUN (R)


The Conjuring Universe has enlightened us on many different things through the eyes of the Warren’s. When a dark spirit Read More

Peppermint (R)


When everything is taken away from you, you have two choices… You can give up or you can fight back. Read More

KIN (PG-13)


Family is everything! At least it’s supposed to be. In this particular family, things are a little mixed up. The Read More

Searching (PG-13)


How well do you really know your kids? David thought he knew everything about his daughter Margot, that is until Read More

Operation Finale (PG-13)


The Holocaust was one of the darkest times in all of human history. Many of the ones responsible escaped justice Read More

The Happytime Murders (R)


The Muppets have been a family favorite for generations. They have brought joy and laughter to many… The big question Read More

Interview With God (PG)


What if… A question that we ask ourselves time and time again when life gets complicated. Now, imagine, if you Read More

Alpha (PG-13)


Becoming a man is much more than simply aging. During the time period after the last ice age, the test Read More

Mile 22 (R)


A mission to obtain some intel on the location of Cesium 137 will challenge the abilities of this team. One Read More

crazy rich asians

Crazy Rich Asians (PG-13)


Love is never as simple as it seems. What makes it so complicated though? It should be simpler than it Read More

black kkk klansman

BlacKKKlansman (R)


Power, a term that we associate with something positive or negative. It has many meanings but one of the most Read More

the meg

The MEG (PG-13)


Megalodon, a massive predator that is larger than any creature that has ever existed under the sea. It’s a good Read More

slender man

Slender Man (R)


Be warned, once you summon someone or something, it’s not quite so easy to get rid of them. These 4 Read More

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