20th Century Women (R) (2017)

Comedy, Drama | 119 min
2.25 Stars (2.25 / 10)
twentieth century women

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  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Language: English

The Review

A single mother trying to raise her teenage son in the late 1960’s finds things are much more difficult than they were when she was his age. She runs a boarding house, the boarder’s that reside with her will soon be enlisted to help raise her son. What unfolds is a menagerie of ideas and ideals. The theme throughout is feminism. The mother is trying to figure out what she needs to be herself and be a good mom. All the while reminding her son that the fact that he is a man is part of the problem of why he can’t figure out where he fits in. As a pseudo-solution, he is exposed to every aspect of hardcore feminism. Only continually reinforcing what his mother had told him. He has one friend through it all who he is desperate to get closer to, and try as he may he only finds himself further and further from where he wants to be. The last 10% of the story redeems itself by sharing the stories of their lives as time went on. Intolerably incoherent to most of society up to this point has made it difficult for most. The fact that the entire story is based around feminism, and the title… though accurate, is deceptively intriguing. Feminists will be enthralled throughout, everyone else will be left simply wondering, why…

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twentieth century women

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Comedy, Drama