A Monster Calls (PG-13) (2017)

Drama, Fantasy, | 108 min
7.25 Stars (7.25 / 10)
a monster calls

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Imagination, something that we use to escape when the world gets to be too much. Conor is faced with a life altering situation. Things quickly spiral out of control for him and he retreats to a world that he created. A world that he can control, where he has a voice, where his world isn’t falling apart. Only it’s never quite that simple. The faster that he runs, the quicker it catches up to him. No matter how far he goes, there’s no escaping reality. An unforeseen complication is about to add to everything else that is happening and it is soon revealed to be Conor’s breaking point. It quickly becomes evident that it’s only after being broken that he can maybe find a way to pick up the pieces. He can’t do it alone though, he’ll come to realize that his world may not be what he thought it was. Sometimes that’s okay and sometimes it’s not. Life throws us many curve balls that could be a bump in the road or they could simply derail our lives. This story is one that will rip you apart and give you the pieces. Even in doing so, it manages to show you how to begin to put the pieces back together again. A difficult watch, strictly from the emotional standpoint that may be a bit much for certain individuals. Just remember, love transcends worlds, even in ways that we can’t comprehend.

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