Absolutely Anything (2017)

Comedy, Sci-Fi | 85 min
3.75 Stars (3.75 / 10)
absolutely anything

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  • Languages: English, French

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Absolute power corrupts absolutely… Or so we’ve been told. This is an alternative idea on the concept of absolute power. A group of aliens take it upon themselves to bestow a special gift on a single being on a planet to determine the fate of that planet. Who they choose is completely random and that’s where the hilarity begins. The person chosen is the embodiment of the everyday every-man character; his life is average in every way. That’s all about to change… He makes a random comment in jest, only to learn that he suddenly has control over much more than he could have ever realized. After spending some time fooling around with his gift, he decides that it’s time to take control. In doing so he will learn the advantages and disadvantages of having such power. What will he decide to do when his next decision could literally mean life or death? Dare to find out for yourself. This is a corny comedy that will keep you guessing all the way to the end. Though the idea has been played with before, it’s never been done quite like this…

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absolutely anything

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Comedy, Sci-Fi

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