Adrift (PG-13) (2018)

Action, Adventure, Drama | 96 Min
6.5 out of 10 stars (6.5 / 10)

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Paradise means different things to different people. Some think of it as a place, others think of it as items, people or experiences. This story is about all of the above. Tami is a young woman who couldn’t wait to spread her wings the moment she graduated. Richard is an adventurer that sees the endless horizon as something that is always calling his name. Tami’s travels have taken her all over the world. When she arrives at this island paradise, she decides that she wants to stay a while. As she takes in all that the island has to offer, she encounters a mysterious stranger who sweeps her off of her feet. Richard sailed into the harbor and right into her heart. When Richard encountered some old friends, he was offered the chance to sail their boat to California for them. As the sea is his home, he willingly jumped at the chance but Tami was more reluctant. She wasn’t ready to return home. Richard was worth it though. As they set sail, they knew the adventure that awaited them. Little did they know that the adventure would put them in a life-altering scenario. Aboard the Hazana, they would encounter hurricane Raymond. Leaving them, broken and bruised. Together, they found a way to battle the odds and find help, but not before they realized the true cost of their voyage. A true story, this details the harrowing journey that Richard and Tami experienced. Emotional and exhilarating, this will leave you with more than you expect.

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