Annie (PG) (2014)

Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical | 118 min
4.75 Stars (4.75 / 10)

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  • Language: English

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Say goodbye to little orphan Annie and say hello to foster kid Annie. Same name different kid, different story. A young girl is abandoned by her parents, leaving her with nothing but a name and a locket. She gets caught up and lost in the foster system. Annie manages to sneak out to try and learn who she is with the help of the other young girls in the same home. On one of her outings, she has a chance encounter with a powerful man. Not only is he the owner/founder of the largest cell phone company but he’s also running for mayor. This chance encounter turns into much more when Mr. Stacks realizes Annie may be his shot for the win. Annie moves into his home and turns his life upside down and inside out. He has never had to live for anyone but himself but that all begins to change when Annie comes into the “picture”. Just when everything seems to be falling into place, Annie’s parents come back for her. Something isn’t quite right and those that truly love her come to her rescue. Happily ever after? Don’t assume that so easily, here’s a girl who has been abandoned, hurt and betrayed… Add in a selfish, self-absorbed billionaire and what do you get??? You end up with a touching movie that has the wrong title. Give this girl as different name and it could be a different movie. There are similarities but the differences go outside the scope of a simple remake. Even the beloved songs have been changed. There are some refreshingly catchy new songs that will touch your heart and even bring a tear to your eye. Some of the cast fit perfectly into character, others fell in and out of character throughout. It’s a cute movie but the original is a difficult one to live up to. Unfortunately, this one fell short.

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It has been over 10 years since I have seen the movie Annie. I remember though the feelings of empathy and passion that the older Annie movie produced in me, the feeling of hope and happy endings. In watching this new production of Annie there were moments but ultimately it fell short on the emotion driving storyline that we are so used to. The acting, scene transitions, and overall rushed feeling throughout the film took away from the impactful message. Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhan Wallis aside, the casting of Cameron Diaz and Bobby Cannavale was ultimately what made me hate this film. Their acting seemed wobbly and half hazard. I was surprised however at how much I enjoyed Jamie Foxx in a serious role. All in all the connection between the characters is what did me in. It just wasn’t there, especially in comparison to the iconic Annie movie we know! I guess this is why so many people argue against the idea of remakes. – Rebecca (2/10)

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Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical

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