A. X. L. (PG)

4.8 out of 10 stars (4.8 / 10)
axle dog movie

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    What do you get if you combine Motocross racing and man’s best friend? You get an adventure that you won’t soon forget. Miles is determined to prove himself, both on and off the track. After an accident nearly takes him out of the running, an unlikely friend comes along to help. In an effort to get closer to her, Miles attends a party hosted by a rival racer. Things quickly get a little out of hand and he finds himself in the middle of nowhere. His only hope is to get back to town… Or so he thinks. A discovery will change his life forever. What he finds is the discovery of a lifetime. A mech pet, only it’s not so much of a pet as it’s a weapon. AXL will soon prove to be much more than a mechanical companion. AXL may be Miles new interest but he hasn’t forgotten his love interest either. Together they’ll do whatever is necessary to protect AXL and themselves. What was shown to us in the trailer and what the actual experience was… differed greatly. It had all the promise to be the next big sci-fi adventure and instead, it delivered much more on the romance/adventure than on what is had promised. It hints that there may be more to come but unless they nail down what it is that they’re trying to do it won’t do much.

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