Bear Story (2016)

Animation, Short, Adventure, Drama, Family | 11 min
7.3 out of 10 stars (7.3 / 10)
bear story

Movie Info

  • Country: Chile

The Review

A tinker sits at his workbench working on his nickelodeon to display his story. Each intricate piece helps to tell the details of his life. As he sets out to share his story with the world, he comes across a young boy that is interested in watching the story unfold. The tinker winds it up and it begins to play. The story of his family, his hardships and his journeys unfold before the boy and in the end… A coin will drop in the cup and the boy will be on his way. All the while the tinker will share his story again and again. Always searching and seeking for something that was taken from him. Little does he know, the answer is closer than he may think. This animation is reminiscent of the tin toy era, each piece intricately working in unison. Absolutely thoughtful and touching, this delves into a dark side of entertainment without getting too deep. These things seem distant, leaving us almost devoid of emotion. This brings it back home in a way that reaches to all.

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