Beauty and the Beast (PG) (2017)

Family, Fantasy, Musical, | 122 min
7.75 Stars (7.75 / 10)
beauty and the beast 2017

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The story of Beauty and the Beast is a timeless Disney classic. Disney didn’t create it though, it began as a fairy tale in the 18th century. Adapted many times throughout the years, it had never come to life quite as it did in the 1991 Disney animated version. Setting an entirely new standard for the classic tale, Disney raised the bar. Now they have done it again. Many of the movies of today are remakes, reboots, or completely reimagined. In the midst of these, a few gems shine through. Controversy has surrounded the story through the generations but some of the boundaries in this were pushed too far for some audiences. That being said, the glimpses of the controversial issues are in no way a distraction to this timeless rendition. An experience that must be imagined to be understood adds many missing pieces to the story. All the while keeping the enchanted charm that it is so well known for. Belle in all of her complexity has much more depth than before, the Beast is stunningly different in many ways, and the rest of the cast simply brings the rest of it to life. It’s the story you remember, with even more magic and wonders. Disney fans will find this utterly exhilarating. There are even some new songs to enchant the viewers along the way. Is it for you, only you can decide… but come prepared either way.

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