Ben-Hur (G) (1960)

Adventure, Drama, History | 212 min
8.0 Stars (8.0 / 10)
ben hur

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  • Language: English

The Review

Two men, that have grown up so closely together that they saw themselves as brothers would soon find themselves at odds with one another. While one of them is tied to the past, the other looks to the future. Can they co-exist when they have such different ideas. That’s where the clash first begins. An innocent accident leads to the incarceration of an innocent man. This incarceration, is the first step towards an entirely new life for the prisoner. When he has an opportunity to prove himself, his status changes… Which ultimately will change everything for the main characters involved. They’ll find themselves face to face again, having the chance to battle against one another in an arena where there are no laws to govern them. An incredible and brutal battle that will draw the lines in the sand. Though this sounds entirely like an action movie, there is a much deeper (religious) meaning in this. Though each of the main characters live entirely separate lives, there is one person in particular that they have in common. Each seeing him through different eyes. This is a story that can transcend time, what you believe (if you believe) is important to the story but not paramount to it as a whole. If you have a chance, experience this for yourself and carry away with you, whatever it leaves you with.

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