Bombshell (R) (5.25)

5.3 out of 10 stars (5.3 / 10)

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    Fox News is one of the leaders in the news industry. Even with their size, they aren’t above scandals within their organization. The one this story focuses on is the sexual misconduct allegations by Gretchen Carlson. One of many women at Fox News, she went from being a star on the morning show to having her own program in a less popular time slot. At the height of her suit against Roger Ailes, other women at Fox were beginning to speak up as well. Another prominent name that came forward was Megyn Kelly. Though their experiences differed from one another, there was a common denominator… Roger Ailes. Were there others? Before Fox could find out, Murdock decided it was Ailes’s time to leave. That’s not where the story ends though. You may even think I’m missing someone. The story portrayed here includes a fictitious character (Kayla Pospisil) that most of the story is set around. Though she is a huge part of the story, the fact that they had to invent her to tell the story minimizes what actually happened to the Gretchen and to Megyn. Was it that there wasn’t enough of a story to tell? Or was it just the studio exaggerating a story to sell tickets (something that is done regularly, but the lie shouldn’t be the focus of the story)? The women that had the strength to speak up should have been the focus here. Whether you agree with the news that’s reported or not.