Born in China (G) (2017)

Documentary, | 76 Min
6.8 out of 10 stars (6.8 / 10)
born in china

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Typically when you think of China you think of the crowded cities or maybe martial arts or even the Great Wall of China. However, China is much larger than that containing a variety of landscapes including mountains, rivers, grasslands, deserts and the ocean. In ‘Born in China’ you will see many of these unique terrains and the wildlife that reside in them. You will follow the lives of a Panda named Mei Mei, a monkey named Tao-Tao and a leopard named Dawa. Along their journey you will encounter many other creatures and the impacts they have on each other in what we call the circle of life. This film is fun for the whole family and an educational opportunity for all who watch. Born in China is a rare gem that allows us a sneak peek into the lives of animals and terrain that would prove otherwise difficult to capture on our own.

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