Cats (PG) (3.0)

3 out of 10 stars (3 / 10)

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    The CATS musical on Broadway has been an experience that demanded the attention of all in attendance. Transforming the magical spectacle on Broadway to the cinema had audiences on edge as many who never had the chance to experience the show on Broadway would finally be able to experience the magic for themselves. Unfortunately, that’s not what they got. The story of the wayward cats vying for a chance to be chosen by Old Deuteronomy to ascend to the heavens in order to be reborn into a Jellicle life stays true to itself. That’s where it goes awry. In the transformation from stage to screen lost a lot of the magic. Between the choreography being out of sync to the CGI (catsuits) of the characters being so distracting that it’s difficult to appreciate the story that is presented. On Broadway, we’re enveloped into the story and the characters. On screen, we’re watching a beautiful story that gets lost in the presentation. If you can look past the visuals and flaws, the story is spectacular. It just takes looking a lot harder instead of just enjoying it for what it could be.