Chasing the Muse (2015)

Documentary | 100 min
(3 / 10)
chasing the muse

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  • Languages: French, English

The Review

A unique view into a taboo industry from the other side of the lens. This is strictly an art piece that is not for younger viewers as it walks a fine line between documentary and adult film. The eye we see this through are those of Jean-Francois Davy, a photographer, and videographer that focuses only on the female form. The female forms that he captures are indeed very beautiful, they have come to him in the hopes of a career in the adult industry. There are many racy and sexual scenes throughout including full nudity (though one area is blurred so that a bit of decency is maintained). A film that can truly be enjoyed by some but not by all. This was recognized by an international film festival and can be recognized as such. The beauty that is shown is undeniable but the subject matter is such that makes it for a limited audience. Simply, it is what it is…

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