Coming Home (PG-13) (2014)

Drama | 109 min
(7.8 / 10)
coming home

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  • Language: Mandarin

The Review

Love endures… That’s the heart of the message in this movie. China was a difficult place in the mid 1900’s… Loyalty to the party was everything and those that went against that idea were punished and rehabilitated. That’s what happened to the family this film showcases. A young family, just beginning their lives together is separated because one of them thinks differently. Lu gets taken into custody and will do anything to get back home. After decades of being apart, he finally has a chance to go home again. The problem is related to the old adage of “you can never go home again”, not because he wasn’t wanted but because of something much worse. The only way he can reach out to those that he loves is to show it through is actions. No matter how hard he tries or what he does, there is something missing… Memories… It’s not that the memories are gone it’s more of a matter that the details are lost. This is a hauntingly powerful tale of heartache / heartbreak and the power of true love. It’s unusual to find such a beautiful story embedded in such a dark time but this love story proves that love truly does endure all. A definite must see…

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coming home

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