Danger Close (NR) (2017)

Action | 90 (Min)
6.8 out of 10 stars (6.8 / 10)
danger close

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    Journalist Alex Quade takes into the most dangerous parts of Afghanistan riding alongside the US Special Forces groups taking on Al-Qaida. She embeds with the Operational Detachment Alpha 0-7-2 group and learns about the man who built Combat Outpost Pirelli, Green Beret Staff Sergeant and engineer Rob Pirelli. Combat outpost Pirelli served as a pivotal safe-haven for Special Forces A-Teams operating in the Diyala Province, the most violent province in Iraq. Learning about whom Pirelli was to his team and who he was an individual and how he made an impact over in Afghanistan and at home, made a deep impact in her heart as well. With her time there cut short due to an injury she promises the Pirelli family she will go back and make sure the walls her built still stood. This documentary is incredibly powerful. Quade’s courage displayed while reporting on what she experienced and what she saw earned her the Medal of Honor Society’s Excellence in Journalism Award for her courageous reporting and honest news coverage. Her journey there and her journey back to fulfill the promise she made to the Pirelli family was extraordinary. Experience a little of what Alex did and ride along with her on this journey that honors our men and women in the military. I war there are sometimes certain people who stand out. Rob Pirelli was one of those men. If you love our men and women in the military and love documentaries on this subject, this is something you won’t want to miss.

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