Deep (PG) (2017)

Adventure, Animation, Comedy, | 92 Min
3.5 Stars (3.5 / 10)

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  • Language: English

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Under the sea, there lies a world that is completely separate from the one that we know so well. That is until now. Deep, an adventurous octopus is desperate to leave the confines of his home. Those who are responsible for him have his best interests at heart but he doesn’t realize that. Just when he thinks he’s out of options, an accident occurs and now instead of being confined to his home, he’s now their only hope. Deep and a few of his friends embark on the adventure of their lives. Their adventure will take them across the world they thought they knew into the world that we think we know. Only not in the way you might expect. Along the way, they’ll meet an interesting variety of other sea creatures that try to share their wisdom to these young travelers in their own way. When they finally arrive at their destination. It’s not what they expected. Now they must take action to not only save themselves but save everyone else in the process. This is a silly yet predictable tale that is more like an apocalyptic version of The Little Mermaid than a typical ocean adventure. Though it’s aimed at a young audience, the subject matter and some of the encounters might be a bit much for some. It’s not original but at least it’s entertaining.

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