Demolition (R) (2016)

Drama | 101 min
8.25 Stars (8.25 / 10)

Movie Info

  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Drama
  • Language: English

The Review

Sometimes the only way we can see life is by taking it apart. That’s what Davis is about to learn the hard way. When he experiences a personal tragedy, he is stunned at his reaction to the emotions that go with it. Instead of dealing with his grief in a normal fashion, he deals with in a very unconventional way. The thing is, is there really any grief when there are no feelings involved or is it an involuntarily reaction that blocks the person from feeling more pain than they can handle. This is a deep psychological drama that delves deep into the effect of grief. What seem simple on the surface actually is much deeper than anyone could even imagine. Here we see Davis’s reaction, as well as the reaction of others directly affected by the tragedy. Part of this is also how those around these people play a part in the healing process. So much more than a journey of finding one’s self, this is a journey of finding how we interact with one another from the simplest of interactions to the most complex of relationships and how they coincide. Definitely, a surprisingly powerful story hidden behind the appearance of a borderline psychopath. What will you get out of this? I think for each it will be something a little different. Are you ready for this? I hope so because it’s definitely worth it.

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