Dora and the Lost City of Gold (PG) (5.25)

5.3 out of 10 stars (5.3 / 10)

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    Dora is a young girl who grew up in the jungle with her parents. Homeschooled throughout her childhood by her parents who are both professors gave her an interesting perspective on her education. This perspective was gained by experiencing her education as much as reading about it. Exploring the jungle around her, finding new friends, and creative problem solving became par for the course. As she got older, her parents realized that she needed a change. They decided to send her to the city to stay with some family so that she could explore an entirely new jungle. In this new environment, she quickly realized how far out of her element that she really was. Even with the help of some friends, it was difficult. On a field trip, she would find herself tempted to stray from the pack. This adventure would create some intense situations for her and her new friends. This alternate adventure that she finds herself on will teach her the true difference between explorers and treasure hunters. Only, it’s going to take more than an adventurous spirit to save them from this treacherous peril. Will Dora save the day once again? or will things be beyond her abilities? This story will touch a lot of hearts of those that grew up with Dora, some of the content though safe for younger viewers might be a bit too intense for the youngest of viewers. A fun story to reminisce about a childhood icon but it doesn’t quite bridge the gap for those unfamiliar with her.

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