Eighth Grade (R)

7.3 out of 10 stars (7.3 / 10)
eighth grade

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    Kayla is an average eighth grader who is anxious about life and everything in it. As she approaches high school, she’s met with many other challenges. She takes on the idea of doing videos to try and help others through these difficulties. In doing so she is trying to help herself. This is her view of the world, from her perspective on how the world sees her and how she sees herself. It’s awkward and emotional at times but it’s so real it’s almost uncomfortable. If you know anyone who is struggling with life as a teenage girl, this is a powerful story. This is not for younger audiences as some of the content may be a bit much. Older audiences may see the beauty in this or they may find themselves bored. Either way, it’s an incredible story for the target audience. I only wish the target were larger.

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